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Are you ready to ACT? 

Authentic Communication & Training Consulting Services offers services and training experiences for professionals and pre-professionals seeking to elevate their communication skills. 

For managers...

ACT works with professionals who are ready to increase their communication effectiveness.


Our services include

  • executive presentation coaching

  • presentation and presentation materials authoring

  • communication skill building workshops for teams and individuals

For educators...

ACT supports educators as they grow their confidence as classroom presenters and/or as they teach their students to communicate effectively.


Our services include

  • presentation coaching and communication skill-building

  • communication curriculum for online/blended/face-to-face courses

Together, we will focus on

Authoring Materials

Do your presentation materials need a referesh? My success in the classroom motivated me to help others achieve success of their own. I will partner with you to design stellar presentation and training materials so you can engage your audience and share your knowledge with ease.

Communication Skill Building

Does your team need to elevate their communication? I will teach your team to present with confidence, work as a team, and communicate effectively.

Taking it to the Next Level

I have trained hundreds of adults to develop their public speaking, professional communication, and interpersonal communication skills. I will help you capitalize on your strengths to grow as a confident presenter. I will teach you how to create powerful team trainings that will motivate your teams into action.

Judith Dutill

ACT Principal Consultant

(717) 384-5370

I have successfully taught hunderds of adults to communicate with confidence. I use inclusive teaching methods designed to help people overcome speaking anxiety and communicate with authenticity. 

I am an experienced professional communication educator, instructional designer, and faculty developer. I am principal at ACT: Authentic Communication & Training Consulting Services. I also serve as project manager of the Online Learning Toolkit, a faculty development and online learning consultancy. 

I am passionate about bridging the digital divide, spreading media literacy, improving communication, designing instruction, advancing online learning, connecting with peers, leveraging educational technology, and developing accessible processes.

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