Ok...so what is coaching?

Simply put, coaching is a goals-oriented partnership between a client (who is in the driver's seat) and a coach (who is working as the navigator). 

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At OCT, we will collaborate to discover your strengths and leverage them to achieve your communication goals. This is accomplished through a creative discovery process comprised of communication assessment, goal-setting, formative communication exercises, goal assessment, and self-reflection. 

As your coach, I will work as a positive force, helping you move through the process toward goal achievement. Along the way, we will celebrate your wins, both small and large.

Our typical process

  1. Thirty minute discovery meeting (free)

  2. Communication assessment & goal setting

  3. Coaching sessions (number of sessions determined by client and coach)

  4. Goal assesssment

  5. Self-reflection

$125/sixty-minute coaching session or $500/coaching package (includes assessment and goal setting, two coaching sessions, goas assessment, and self-reflection - all included sessions are 60 minutes)