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PowerPoint Actions

Did you know that PowerPoint has built-in Actions, allowing you to transform slides into interactive learning objects? (Learning Object is instructional design jargon for a collection of content items, practice items, and assessment items that are combined based on a single learning objective.)

Here's a quick video overview demonstrating how to manually apply Actions to your slides:

I have built fairly complex branching scenarios using Actions but there are numerous simple and useful applications as well. (A branching scenario is a way of placing your learner into the role of a decision-maker, allowing them to make their own choices and see the outcomes play out.) 

Let me know if you have any questions about this feature and enjoy experimenting with Actions!

(Next week I will discuss how to share slides with Actions).

Community Feedback:

love this example!! This reminds me of how to create slide jumps in Adobe Captivate!

Absolutely incredible, again! Proving why PP is a classic. I love to hate it and I hate to love it.

Judith Dutill I want to learn all the tech from you. You explain everything in such easy-to-understand terms! 

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