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A small selection of recent work. Additional examples are available by request.

A tidy desktop displaying a keyboard, glasses, pens, and a notebook.


OLT Faculty Development Blog​

The audience for this blog is higher education faculty seeking to improve the efficacy of their teaching practice. 

OLT Community of Practice Technology Tips Posts

We educate and support higher education faculty in a community of practice format (using Mighty Networks). I create a weekly post to help our community members learn how to use educational technology. 

A clean and modern sitting area set up with a ring light and webcam stand used for recording videos.


Tech Support & Documentation Examples

Scripted and Edited Video Walk-through

This is a scripted video walk-through created for a course designed to support faculty who are learning to use D2L (Learning Management System) to deliver online course content.

This is an example of a video that is more polished (light sound mixing, background music, animation, and screencasting). 

Written Documentation

This is written documentation (no images or video) created for a course designed to support faculty who are learning to use D2L (Learning Management System) to deliver online course content.​

Video Response On-demand Tech Support

This Just in Time video demonstration is an on-demand response to questions posted in the community of practice space for a college faculty development summer camp (Camp Operation Online Learning or COOL). 

Brief, Imperfect Videos

These unedited videos use unscripted, conversational language to convey meaning. This strategy is inspired by Michelle Pacansky-Brock's work in humanizing eLearning

A woman uses apple pen to illustrate the words "Good Vibes Only" decoratively on her iPad.


Brand Identity & Design Principles

The following page is an exemplar for an undergraduate level Project-based Learning (PBL) course in Desktop Publishing. I use a project simulation where students develop materials for a fictional client.


The following infographic is designed to support higher education faculty planning instruction during an emergency (such as the pandemic).

Social Post

The following social post is designed to remind higher educators about digital accessibility standards.

A podcast microphone and headphones displayed together.


Student Voices Podcast
(coming soon)

Podcast Guest Spots​

OLT Faculty Development created the Student Voices Podcast because we believe learners should be included in conversations about best practices in online education. 

  • Hold for Episode 1

  • Hold for Episode 2​



Featured Presenter Talk

2019 University of Wisconsin Distance Teaching & Learning Conference

Taking It Higher: Raising The Bar On Course Video Design

Audience Feedback

"Excellent session, well organized, lots of good practical information, much more so than other sessions."

"Good strategies to help me re-think my current faculty development and video creation technique."

"Nice energy. Very personable. Well organized & useful info."

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